Atlanta Beltline Tour Group

Atlanta Beltline Tour Group

November 9th, 2019

This Week's Tour...
...met at new, winter months' time 10:00AM Saturday on the Beltline Eastside Trail near Parish. We walked for 1 1/2 hours, covering 1 mile of the Beltline, ending at Ponce City Market.

"The Tourists"...
...shouting out to this week's tour group, including a couple excited about coming to "the city". Thanks for thinking of Trees Atlanta and the Beltline!

Thanks for a great tour!

Map of the week...
At the intersection of the Beltline Eastside Trail and Freedom Parkway, we talked about the bordering neighborhood Old Fourth Ward. It has the distinction of being the only neighborhood named after the old city governing ward system. Most of the original neighborhood names in that area are lost to history and development; i.e. displacing families to build the Atlanta Civic Center essentially erased the neighborhood of "Buttermilk Bottom", now just a part of "Old Fourth Ward".

"Buttermilk Bottom, 1949-2013"

Tree of the week...
...singling out one of the hundreds of specimens from the dozens of collections along the arboretum.

Bald Cypress - We stopped to take investigate the quarter-sized, gall-like growths on several Bald Cypresses. Galls? Disease? Nope...just seed pods with variegated external coloring.

Taxodium distichum
Bald Cypress

"Stump" of the week...

...featuring a question raised during the tour that Jeff couldn't answer.

Q: What kinds of bird species do oaks along the Beltline support?

A: Short answer; LOTS! Long answer; I will definitely be setting up some observation time to watch bird behaviors along Oak Hill among the 33 specimens of oaks native to Georgia, but I do know I've observed lots of our state bird, the Brown Thrasher, hopping along the branches. For more details on "Plants for Birds", visit the Atlanta Audubon Society website for an EXCELLENT brochure

Toxostoma rufum
Brown Thrasher