Atlanta Beltline Tour Group

Atlanta Beltline Tour Group

August 13, 2022

This Week's Tour...

...met at 9:00AM Saturday on the Beltline Eastside Trail near Parish (R.I.P...soon to reopen as "Painted Park"!). We walked for 1 1/2 hours, covering 1 mile of the Beltline, ending at Ponce City Market.

"The Tourists"...
...shouting out to the Decatur and Meet-up gangs! 17 energetic adults, 3 awesome kids, and me!

Thanks for a great tour!

Map of the week...
...Atlanta railroads and the Zero Milepost!

As we stood on the Atlanta Beltline at North Avenue, we looked to the east and south to the Georgia Pacific tower, roughly next to the Zero Milepost, where Atlanta began! Here is is on a map, showing the rail line from downtown Atlanta to the Hulsey Yards, then from Hulsey yards north on what is now the Atlanta Beltline Eastside trail.

Thanks, Railfan!

Tree of the week...
...singling out one of the hundreds of specimens from the dozens of collections along the arboretum.

One of my favorite questions to ask: "There are 33 species of oak native to Georgia, many of them here along the Atlanta Beltline Aboretum. What do you think: between the Southern Live Oak and the Georgia Oak, which is the Georgia State Tree? The Southern Live Oak, of course!"

Interpretive drawing of Sourthern Live Oak

"Stump" of the week...
...featuring a question raised during the tour that Jeff couldn't answer.

Q: Is that soccer field (adjacent to the skate park) part of Old Fourth Ward Park?

A: Officially, no, but I can't find out who *is* in charge of it! Stay tuned!